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TFT Coaching - Challenger

Hey bro, let me explain to you what’s going on here. 🙂 We are a group of Challenger friends fascinated by TeamFight Tactics. TFT Coaching itself is just a one-on-one lesson during which one of us will do everything to improve your skills and knowledge so that you can start winning more. Thanks to our huge coaching experience and hundreds of hours played at the highest level we know exactly what you need to get better! We’re crazy about this game so we’re always up to date with new meta. Scroll down or click here for info about: How it works | Video Reviews.

Meet our Team


Yo mate, my name is Lelouch! I have been playing strategy games since my childhood and when the Autobattler genre appeared I immediately climbed up to top ranks in Europe starting in Dota Autochess. Then, I began my career in TFT playing every comp in the game that gave me fun and a decent rank!

In my 2 years playing TFT, I played in various tournaments aiming for the highest place in every single one. In addition, I even coached my friends from challenger lvl to prepare for their tournaments and even worlds classification and from that experience, I realized I can be even better at coaching than actually playing competitive TFT.

  • TOP 18 on EUW Server 🏆
  • 1 year of Teamfight Tactics coaching experience 👨‍🏫


Bonjour, je m’appelle Paul mais vous me connaissez plutôt sous le pseudo de Ranceta. J’ai commencé à jouer à TFT depuis la première beta du jeu et je dois dire que j’ai vite accroché. Compétiteur de nature, j’ai toujours cherché à donner le meilleur de moi-même, comprendre comment m’améliorer, jusqu’à atteindre le rang de Challenger et même le Top 50 Euw  👈

Vous avez pu voir mon pseudo à travers les différents tournois auxquels j’ai participé: 8eme de la Kennen cup 3, 6eme du qualifier de la solary cup et j’en passe…

  • 2 Saisons Challenger 🏆
  • De l’expérience dans l’apprentissage
  •  TFT Coaching FR  TFT Franch Coach
TFT Coach - Ranceta

How does TFT Coaching work?

TFT Coaching via Discord

TFT Coaching is supported by the Discord program that allows a student to communicate and share a screen for a Coach while in the game.

This is a great way to observe the student’s play in practice. Watching the live game, coach is able to capture wrong decisions and reactions to existing situations during the game, but also to implement new knowledge step by step.

You can also send us your replay of the game. All up to you mate 🙂



💡 I booked my TFT Coaching. What happens next?

After purchasing the pack, you will be redirected to the form where you will submit your contact details which will be used by the Coach to contact you and schedule your first TFT Lesson!

💡 How many hours do I need to book to get better?

It’s our goal to make you better within the first hour of your coaching. More hours just result in bigger improvement in all areas of your game and thanks to that potentially higher division.

💡 Which regions do you coach TFT?

We are coaching in all regions like NA, EUW, LAN, LAS etc.

💡 What language do you coach?

We are Coaching in English, French and Polish

💡 Can I split my coaching hours into few lessons?

Of course! We highly suggest that, so you can implement new knowledge before the next lesson.

💡 Any available Coaches?

It depends on our schedule. Usually one of us is ready immediately. If at this moment we are busy, your lesson will take place up to a maximum of 24 hours.