Teamfight Tactics Coaching

Teamfight Tactics Coaching is a one-on-one lesson during which our Challenger TFT Coaches will do everything to improve your skills and knowledge so that you will easily be at the first place almost every time. Thanks to the huge coaching experience and hundreds of hours playing at the highest level our coaches know exactly what you need to get better! New meta and the best comps made by our coaches are waiting for you! Ready to Climb a much higher Rank?

How does TFT Coaching work?

TFT Coaching via Discord

TFT Coaching is supported by the Discord program that allows a student to communicate and share a screen for a Coach while in the game.

This is a great way to observe the student’s play in practice. Watching the live game, coach is able to capture wrong decisions and reactions to existing situations during the game, but also to implement new knowledge step by step.

As this is a typical strategic game, mechanics have no meaning here. Only knowledge counts and it is the key to winning!


TFT Coaching Focus

TFT Meta Everything what you need to know about curent Patch and TFT meta (the best tft team comps, champions, items, tactics).

Champion Analysis – Analysis of the champions and their use in particular team comps and not only.

Team Comps Learning about creating the best team comps depends on the situation in the game.

Adaptation to the situation –  Flexibility for different types of scenarios and situations in the game.

Generall Mechanics of the game – All the details you need to know about the game in terms of mechanics.

And many more!


💡 Any available Coaches?

That depends on their schedule. Usually Coaches are ready immediately. If they are busy, your lesson will take place up to a maximum of 24 hours.

💡 How does it work?

After purchasing the pack, you will be instantly redirected to the form in which you will submit your contact details which will be used by the Coach to contact you and schedule a first lesson.

💡 What is the rank of the Coaches?

All the Coaches are in the Challenger League. You can Check them here: Our Trainers

💡 Which regions do you coach?

We are coaching in every region like NA, EUW, LAN, etc.

💡 What language do you coach?

We are Coaching in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Polish

💡 How many hours do you suggest to buy?

It all depends on your Rank Goal.