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League of Legends Coach

Hi, I’m Piotr, better recognizable as Musialinio in the League of Legends environment. I’ve started my career early during the third season when I tried my best in semi-professional scene as a jungler. Hardly I started playing, did I realize that I perform much better as a coach than a player.

If you are a person who wishes to understand the general idea of the game, improve self-knowledge and thus win more soloQ, we will surely get along ūüėČ

  • Full-time LoL coach for 4 years
  • Challenger League 5 years in a row
  • Coaching LOL in English and Polish ¬†

League of Legends Coach

Hey, Stefan here! If you want to know how to absolutely demolish your opponent and conquer the solo que ladder from the Top Lane, then you came to the right place!

7 years of pure Top lane domination and a passion for coaching are the main qualities I use to confidently improve your gameplay and your rank. It is easier than you think, you just need the right coach!

  • Coaching Top Lane¬† for 1 year
  • Challenger player on EUW and EUNE
  • Coaching LoL in English or Romanian ¬†¬†tft coaching romania

LOL Coaching |
TFT Coaching Spanish_Portugese_English_Brazil

Teamfight Tactics Coach

Hello, my name is Jo√£o aka Nevy. I always aim to reach the top ladder of each game I play. So far I have been Legend in Hearthstone, Global Elite on CSGO, Diamond on League of legends and Challenger in TFT.

I have been playing TFT since it first came out. I study and play it every single day to make sure I am up to date with the current meta. I have also won multiple money and RP prizes competing in TFT tournaments nationally and internationally.

  • Challenger Player
  • 1 year of coaching experience.
  • Coaching TFT in Portuguese Spanish and English

Teamfight Tactics Coach

Hey, my name’s Sebastian aka TFTFeatherknight. I’ve always loved e-sports, started my journey with sc2 reaching masters and consistently reaching high ranks with any games that I have played. I feel a constant need to compete. When it comes to TFT I started playing since the game was launched on official servers, and play the game pretty much every single day since. Reaching top 50 on both EUNE and EUW.

  • Challenger (S1) and (S2).
  • 1 year of overall coaching experience.
  • Coaching TFT in English and Polish ¬†
TFT Coach |
TFT Coaching -

Teamfight Tactics Coach

Bonjour, je m’appelle Paul mais vous me connaissez plut√īt sous le pseudo de Ranceta. J’ai commenc√© √† jouer √† TFT depuis la premi√®re beta du jeu et je dois dire que j’ai vite accroch√©. Comp√©titeur de nature, j’ai toujours cherch√© √† donner le meilleur de moi-m√™me, comprendre comment m’am√©liorer, jusqu’√† atteindre le rang de Challenger et m√™me le Top 50 Euw¬†ūüĎą

Vous avez pu voir mon pseudo √† travers les diff√©rents tournois auxquels j’ai particip√©: 8eme de la Kennen cup 3, 6eme du qualifier de la solary cup et j’en passe…

  • 2 Saisons Challenger ūüŹÜ
  • De l’exp√©rience dans l’apprentissage
  • FR TFT Coaching¬†TFT Franch Coach

Teamfight Tactics Coach

Sup, my name’s Lukasz but I would prefer to call me Chmielu. My adventure with e-sport started with Heartstone where I placed myself in the top 100 and even top 10 ranks several times.

I play Teamfight Tactics since the very beginnings at the PBE server and I must admit that I am totally fascinated with it. Despite fastly gained Challenger Rank I don’t stop to develop myself because I know that this game is changing much with every week passing.

  • 3 years of overall coaching experience
  • TFT Challenger player
  • Coaching TFT in English and Polish¬†¬†

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