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Musi | Coach | Lol challanger

League of Legends Coach

Hi, I’m Piotr, better recognizable as Musialinio in the League of Legends environment. I’ve started my career early during the third season when I tried my best in semi-professional scene as a jungler. Hardly I started playing, did I realize that I perform much better as a coach than a player.

If you are a person who wishes to understand the general idea of the game, improve self knowledge and thus win more soloQ, we will surely get along 😉

  • Full-time LoL coach since 4 years
  • Challenger player 5 years in a row
  • Top 1 LoL coach in Poland

Teamfight Tactics Coach

Sup, my name’s Lukasz but I would prefer to call me Chmielu. My adventure with e-sport started with Heartstone where I placed myself in the top 100 and even top 10 ranks several times.

I play Teamfight Tactics since the very beginnings at the PBE server and I must admit that I am totally fascinated with it. Despite fastly gained Challenger Rank I don’t stop to develop myself because I know that this game is changing much with every week passing.

  • 3 years of overall coaching experience
  • TFT Challenger player
  • Ex Hearthstone player


Bl3kitny |

Teamfight Tactics Coach

Hey, I’,m Arkadiusz. In the League of Legends, better recognizable as Bl3kitny. In the esport world since a few recent years playing such games as Heroes of the Storm in which I had an opportunity to participate in worldwide tournaments like 2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals.

Along with deleting a professional league of Hots, I decided to look for a new game and by this token, I started my adventure with TFT. I started with coaching itself when the days of HoTS were going by so you can believe I know what I do.

  • 2x Challenger account EUW
  • 3 years of overall coaching experience
  • Ex-professional HoTS player 🏆

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