Team coaching is a lesson during which our experienced Challenger coach will do everything to improve your knowledge and team play. No matter if it is a team that needs help with the tournament by Live Coaching, or just a group of friends who want to play better. Thanks to many years of experience of our LoL experts, we know exactly how to help your team. Discover the Professional Coach difference, and start winning more today!

How does team coaching work?

Replay Analysis

The basic formula for coaching is Replay Analysis from your team games. Those replays are supported by the Discord program, which will allow the coach to communicate and share his screen with your team.

In this way, on ready-made examples, our coach will teach you and explain step by step how to improve your gameplay and avoid mistakes that block your team from becoming better.

This is one of the most popular and best ways to effective team coaching. It allows the coach to precisely define problems and implements new knowledge and tactics.

Live game formula

This is a great way to observe team behavior, communicate and play in practice. It allows the coach to capture wrong decisions and reactions to existing situations during the game.

During this session, the coach is the sixth player. He teaches in the game itself and notes the mistakes that he discusses along with the team after the game, thus creating a plan of action.

This coaching system is also supported by the Discord program, which allows communication and screen sharing.

Team Coaching focus

Champion Select – We will learn you how to win the game in the pick and ban phase by: Target Bans, Team Compositions, Counter picks, etc.

Game Plan – We will show you how to create a plan for the game, and why it’s so important: Around which lane you should play, etc.

Macro Play – Step by step where to go and what to do as a team: Game Phases, Objectives, Time Control, Vision Control, Split Push, etc.

Roles in the team – Work on assigning individual tasks to the players in the game: Shot Calling, Summoners Timing, Drakes control, etc.

How to improveWe will explain to you what has the greatest impact on your team play, or how to become a much better team.

Managmanet We will show you how to manage the team in terms of training and tournament.