Hi buddy, Musialinio here 🙂 . Let me explain to you what’s going on. My LoL Coaching service involves one-on-one lessons during which I will do everything to improve your skills and knowledge about the game so that you can start climbing rank. Thanks to 4 years of experience in coaching people from around the world I know exactly what you need regardless of your level. Each lesson is personally tailored to your needs in order to maximize your progress in the game. Scroll down or click the link here for info about: How it works | Coaching Focus | Customer Feedback.

About the Coach

LoL Coaching - Musialinio


Hey there, my name Piotr Musiał, better recognizable as Musialinio in the League of Legends environment. I started my career early during the third season when I tried my best in the semi-professional scene as a Jungler. Eventually, I realized that I perform much better as a coach than a player.

For 3 years, coaching has been my day job so I have quite a bit of experience. 😉 I’m also sharing my League of Legends knowledge on YouTube where you can find some replays of my coaching.

  • Coaching all Roles
  • Challenger 5 years in a row 🏆
  • Coaching LOL in English and Polish  

How does it work?

LoL Coaching by Replay Analysis

◄ Check what it looks like

For your first lesson, I recommend using replays from your games because there is always a lot of things to cover at the beginning. Through the Discord program, I will communicate my analysis and share my screen with you.

With ready-made examples, I will explain how to improve your gameplay and avoid mistakes that block you from climbing up the Rank.

This is one of the best and most popular ways of conducting LoL Coaching. It allows the coach to precisely define problems and implement new knowledge step-by-step.

LoL Coaching in Live game formula

Check what it looks like

This is a great way to observe the student’s habits and play in practice. Sharing screen via Discord will allow me to see the game from your perspective focusing on things like decision making, cursor control, map awareness, mechanic mistakes, camera movement, etc.

During this session, I am the sixth player. I’m teaching in the game itself and noting down the mistakes that we discuss along with the student after the game, thus creating a plan of action.

This League of Legends Coaching system is also supported by the Discord program, which allows communication and screen sharing.

Customer Feedback

Check what students are saying about our lessons.

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LoL Coaching Focus

Decision making – When to: roam or take plates, freeze or push, gank or farm, split push or group with the team, play def or aggressive etc.

Macro Game – How to: play in mid/late game, close the game ASAP, play from behind etc.

SoloQ Specifics – How to: choose a good champion, climb rank, solo carry from every role,  shot Call etc.

All about your Champion and Role –  Your goals, win conditions, micro, trades at the lane, ganking,  matchups, roles in the team etc.

Mindset – How to: don’t tilt, deal with frustration, don’t flame and finally start learning something from your games

And many more!