Solo Coaching

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Solo coaching is a one-on-one lesson during which our Challenger Coach will do everything to improve your skills and knowledge about the game. Each lesson is personally tailored to your needs in order to maximize your progress in the game. Thanks to many years of experience, we know exactly what you must to learn to get to the next divisions! We pass the knowledge in a simple and effective way, so that you can understand everything and, above all, remember! Discover the Professional Coach difference, and climb the rank!

How does it work?

Coaching by Replay Analysis

The first lessons start with the analysis of games using replays from your games, and the Discord program that will allow the coach to share his screen with you.

In this way, on ready-made examples, our coach will explain how to improve your gameplay and avoid mistakes that block you from climbing up the Rank.

This is one of the most popular and best way to effective coaching. It allows the coach to precisely define problems and implement new knowledge step-by-step.

Coaching in Live game formula

This is a great way to observe the student’s habits and play in practice. It allows the coach to see the game from your perspective focusing on things like acursor control, map observation, mechanics mistakes, camera movement, etc.

During this session, the coach is the sixth player. He teaches in the game itself and notes the mistakes that he discusses along with the student after the game, thus creating a plan of action.

This coaching system is also supported by the Discord program, which allows communication and screen sharing.

Solo Coaching Focus

Champion Analysis – What to pick and why: Best SoloQ Picks, Mechanics, Counterpicks,  Synergies, Bans, etc.

Micro Play – How to improve all around your champion: Positioning, Farming, Trades in Lane, Skillshot Timing, Cooldown Control, etc.

Macro Play – Where to go and what to do after the laning phase: Objectives, Swaps, Game Phases, Grouping, Vision Control, etc.

Decision making – Should I push or freeze..? : Roaming, Freezing / Pushing, Taking Plates, Split Pushing, Team Fights, etc.

Psychology – Climbing Mentality, Shot Calling, Tilt Management, Team Running Motivation, Discipline, Chat, etc.

And many more!