About LoL Coach

If you wanna be good, you must learn from the best

Who is LoL coach?

LoL coach is a person who professionally coaching people in terms of personal and team in League of Legends. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, the coach can define the problems of the player or team and explain step by step how to avoid them. As a person playing at the highest possible level, he knows exactly what you should do to improve your game and thus achieve another league level.

One of our Coaches

Here is an example of one of our coaches. As you can see, our coach is in the highest possible league in the game and he is ready to show you how you can get there as well.  You can be sure that this is the right person to carry out your lol coaching.

  • Full-time LoL coach since 3 years
  • 400+ hours of coaching
  • Challenger level 4 years in a row
  • Solo and Team Coach


  • 2014 / 2015 - S5

    Semi-professional player

  • 2015 - s5

    First Challenger account

    2015 - s5

  • 2016 - s6

    The beginning of coaching

  • 2017 - s7

    First sessions as team coach

    2017 - s7