How to get out of silver Elo

Around 35% League of Legends players are currently in the Silver league. In this article, with our Challenger LoL Coach, we are going to present you 7 tips, which can help Silver players get out of this division and climb to the higher one.

1. Pick 1/3 easy champions

Why should you play only 1/3 champions? — Simple because it’s better to play at a good level with max 1/3 champions than play at a medium/low level as 5/10 champions.

Why should I play “easy champions”? — Everyone from the best players was starting with easy champions.  It’s just much easier to focus on other more important things like for example csing. When your knowledge and rank will grow up, then you can try more mechanics champions.

Example of easy picks:

  • Top: Mundo, Malphite, Darius
  • Jungle: Xin Zhao, Gragas, Jarvan IV
  • Mid: Malzahar, Lux, Lissandra
  • Adc: Tristana, Caitlyn, Ezreal
  • Support: Janna, Sona, Alistar

2. Don’t try new champions on ranked!

It is just a waste of your LP! If you wanna try a new champion just play a normal game. No point to play ranked game with champions that you are not confident.

Play some normal games and when you fill that you understand champion and his mechanics then try to play ranked game vs people on your level.

3. Start game with /mute all

When you join the game just type on chat “/mute all”.

Why? — Let me explain. If you want to win the game you must play well. If you want to play well, in the game you should be focused only on yourself. How can you be focused on yourself when you losing focus by reading and writing something on chat?

Mute all and write only when you must info like “go baron” or “don’t fight”!

4. Last hit minions!

Gold from minions is one of the most important things in League of Legends. Especially on low elo people focus only on kills and don’t pay attention to gold from minions. Not many people know that around 15 minions are worth the same gold as a kill!

What should I do to improve my last hitting? — It’s simple! Before the game just go to practice tool for 10 minutes and try to last hit all minions.

Remember that on every champ last hitting is different because of animation and attack speed!

5. Vision control

Wards are something that silver players often forget even when Riot Games has added trinkets as free.

There is one rule in the league of legends that always works —  first think how to not die, then think about how to kill. When you come from the base don’t try instantly fight because it may turn out that the enemy jungler is near your lane. Put wards first and if you are safe then think about trades or killing enemy laner!

Play aggressively when you have wards or enemy jungler is spotted, and defensive when wards are down and you have no idea where the opposite jungler is.

6. Spectate minimap

Watching minimap is one of the most important things is League of Legends.

You can have wards on the lane but if you don’t spectate minimap then wards will not help you.

Habit of spectating minimap helping us in every phase in the game.  Starting from the early game when you need to know where your jungler is and how your lanes are set, going to mid/late game when you need to see.

7. Never surrender!

Why you shouldn’t surrender? Simple because especially in low elo people doing 100 mistakes per minute. It means that even if the enemy is hard ahead he still can do something stupid.

Play defensively and try to wait for the late game. In this phase of the game, everything can happen. One mistake in the position of the enemy can affect the fight lost and the baron on your side!