How to climb Rank in TFT

In today’s article, along with our TFT Coach, we will present 10 tips that will help you climb the divisions in Teamfight Tactics. We will focus on the things that will make you a better player and will allow you to win more games in the current TFT ranking season.


Knowing which compositions are currently in the meta is the most important thing to know when it comes to improving the ratio of your wins. Balance changes are implemented from week to week with patches (in which individual items are reinforced or weakened), which means that the meta changes at a dizzying pace.

You need to know which comps are the strongest and how to build them to increase your chances of winning. Teamfight Tactics relies and will be based on the balance of champions and items and it is impossible to avoid situations in which one composition is better than the other.

Remember to always read the latest changes in the game! Use our tier lists to know which team comps are currently the strongest.  👉  [ Best TFT Team Comps in Patch 10.5 ]


Items are just as important as building a strong composition. The right items on carry champions will strengthen your teamcomp. Also here, as in the case of champions, there are better and worse items and they are constantly improved or weakened.

Knowing which items match which champions will give you an advantage over your enemies. In addition, it is also worth to know what the combinations of items look like, so that when choosing on the carousel you will be able to make quick decisions about what to choose.


Not in every game you will be able to take first place and you should always remember about it. In addition to the simple fact that one of your seven enemies may just be better than you, there is still the game’s randomness.

Setting yourself the goal of taking the place in the top four is enough for you to constantly get up in the ranking.

Remember that taking the place in the top four will give you points, so even if you do not manage to win, you will still be in the lead.


Gold, gold and gold! It is thanks to it that you are able to buy champions and experience points. It is very important that you know where you can get extra profits and increase your gold income.

Where to get gold:

  • Every turn, each player gets a certain amount of gold.
  • From a series of failures and winnings.
  • For every 10 collected gold you receive 1 extra per turn (up to 50 pieces).
  • The pirate synergy provides 0 to 4 gold pieces per turn.


We are all just people and we make mistakes. What distinguishes the best from average players is the ability to notice their mistakes and continuous work on getting rid of them.

First of all — you have to learn a cool approach to the game. If you lost, do not blame your fate and do not repeat that you are unlucky. Think about the game, what could you do better! Did you use your enemies’ weaknesses?

It’s also worth to record your gameplay in order to watch them and draw the appropriate conclusions in your free time. You can use the applications and websites to help you track your stats:

Blitz – an application that will allow you to view the history of games. In order for the games to be saved, you must run in the background during games. – a website where you can check the number of games played, the ratio of wins and losses – another site where you can check all the necessary statistics


You may think that there is a lot of time between turns, but in the later stages of the game you will have to make a lot of different decisions in a matter of seconds.

Checking the enemies’ settings, refreshing the store, buying champions and setting up a team are just a few of the things that you will have to do between turns.

Proper focus and quick decisions will give you an advantage over the enemy!

Remember to use keyboard shortcuts to save time! Refresh the store using the D key, buy experience using F, and sell champions using E.


Do you pay attention to how your enemy sets up? Do you know how to set champions against enemy Blitzcrank?

It is important to check what kind of composition your enemies are building. If half of them started to collect champions for Ninja / Assassin teamcomp, think about whether it is a good idea to build the same or better try to somehow counter them.

It’s also worth to know that the champion pool is shared among all players. It means that the more people have a given champion the less chance that you will find it in the store. That is why it is so important that you know what your enemies have.

In addition, pay attention to the setting of champions such as Blitzcrank and the ones with Zephyr so that your strongest champion can not be excluded at the beginning of the game.


It is also worth to know where in the map your board is located. Try to remember its position at the beginning of the game, it will help you a few times during the game.

First of all, during the carousel you will be able to quickly locate your board and check which item you need. In addition, thanks to this you will be able to quickly check your enemies between rounds.

You can also do this using the “1” and “3” keys. The “2” key will take you back to your team.


Failures can be frustrating. It’s not a good idea to play another game right after you’ve lost a bad one. It’s better to calmly think about what went wrong and prepare yourself mentally for the next fight.

Here are some simple tips on what to do between games:

  • Eat to be completely focused on what’s going on during the game!
  • Drink a lot of water and after each game stand up to restore circulation throughout the body
  • Use the toilet 😉
  • Reply to messages from friends


Knowledge is the key to success. To climbing TFT rank you have to keep improving your knowledge!

Read the guides, watch videos or try one-on-one TFT Coaching with a professional Player and discover the instant difference in your gameplay.