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The topic of hardstuck in League of Legends is well known for all of us. My name is Musialinio 👋  and I have been dealing with Coaching for over 4 years, and in this article I will present you 10 tips, which can help Bronze/Silver/Gold players get out of these divisions and climb to the higher one.

1 – Play with max 2/3 champions

Getting better is all about playing 2/3 champions. There is a simple rule – it’s better to play very well with 2/3 champions than average with 5/10.

Lead your gameplay with one champion to perfection and then, when you get really good with it or you get bored of it, pick another one.

If you want to climb higher in the divisions, you have to become a better player and it means you’ll have to acquire knowledge. The thing is you’re not able to learn new things about the macro game, vision control etc. when you doing mistakes at your champion.

2 – Don’t test new champions on ranked games

Another reason you’re hardstuck is testing new champions on ranked games.

At first, you try your best to climb and when you’re finally doing better, you get this great idea to try new champion on the ranked game. The result of it isn’t good at all. All the effort is wasted and you’re at the place you began in or even worse – you’re lower. It can not succeed!

If you want to try out a new role or champion, just go and play a normal game. You can also try it on another account (aka smurf). Respect your time and LP!

3 – Improve your CS score

Farming in low elo is something that makes us have a headache. But the farm is one of the most important things in this game!

Okay, first things first. To dominate the enemy, we have to have better items. To have better items we need gold. We get gold from minions so why every player on this elo has this little farm?!

It’s nice to get kills but remember that there’s not always an opportunity to get some. Note that about 16 minions give as much gold as a kill.

Mistakes you are making that make you miss minions:

  • You let enemies push your lane to your tower
  • You chose to poke over farming
  • You don’t feel damage you are taking
  • You don’t push the lane that’s frozen before back
  • You push only to push and you don’t pay attention to farm
  • You roam without having your lane pushed
  • You stay for too long away from your lane

Top/Mid/Adc should have at least 80 minions in 10 min (100 CS in 10 min is a perfect score).

Jungle coaching

4 – Think about where your and enemy jungler is

There’s a big problem with the lack of attention when it comes to the awareness of what happens aside your lane. Often this mistake doesn’t let you snowball the game, even if a minute ago you thought you totally dominate your lane.

In League of Legends, there is a general rule — First, you have to learn how to avoid situations when you’re getting killed, and then you can think about how to actually kill somebody else.

There’s a simple example. You come to your lane and first, you think where the enemy jungler is, and not about your advantage and coercion of fight. If you have no idea where the enemy jungler can be, put your wards and then you can think about the fight.

Why should you also think about your jungler position? — Simply because when your jungler is just ganking top right now, don’t be surprised of the gank of the enemy jungler when you start to fight.

The rule is simple. The jungler plays around you and you play around your jungler.

5 – Play around the goals you set

It doesn’t matter on what stage you are in the game. You should always set the goals, which can let you realize the plan.

Examples of assumptions of Laning Phase:

  • Waiting for LVL 6 which can help you to win 1v1
  • Defensive gameplay due to the lack of information about enemy jungler
  • Offensive gameplay due to the information you get about enemy jungler
  • etc.

Mid Game:

  • Scaling when the enemy team has a strong team comp
  • Defensive gameplay when you’re behind
  • Vision control around baron

Late Game:

  • Vision control around baron
  • Focus on split push
  • Trying to catch enemy team 1 by 1
  • etc.

6 – Do not write in the chat

It’s really easy and effective.

Why is it effective? — Because you’re more focused on your gameplay and it makes you play better.

It works in the following way.

If you want to climb to the higher division you should become a better player.

To become a better player you have to be really focused on yourself to see what mistakes you make and draw conclusions from them.

How can you focus on yourself when you write pointless things in the chat?

Do you see? That’s how it looks like. The chat in League should be designed to provide information like “play around baron” or “kayle go split push bot lane”.

7 – Pay attention to the minimap

You’re blind as a mole if you don’t pay attention to a minimap. It’s one of the most important things in League of Legends and it’s always useful. It doesn’t matter if it’s split push, early game, mid-game, late game or the situation in which you start the team fight without one of your teammates.

Wards are actually useless if we don’t watch the minimap.

The sooner you learn to pay attention to it, the better for you!

8 – Play for improvement, not for the win!

As long as you’re only thinking about winning games, you’re not going to win.

Why? Because when something goes wrong (and it always does), you’re not going to have your nerves of steel. Instead of looking for opportunities, you will force some stupid situations. In League, we can’t force. It’s just bad for us and our teammates.

SoloQ should be training for you. You play it to improve your gameplay and you leave the win behind.

9 – Play to the very end

Yes, you always have to play to the end even if you think that the game is 100% lost.

Why? Simply because League of Legends is the game of mistakes. Even on the level of Challenger, people make a lot of mistakes and often lose games that seem „already won”.

Just think about what happens on your level of Bronze/Silver/Gold, when Challengers make a lot of mistakes.

Be patient and focus on yourself and in time already „lost games” turn out free wins. Remember that not every game can be won, but who cares! You play to improve yourself and be a better player anyway.

10 – Learn from the best

Knowledge is the key to success. To stop being hardstuck you have to improve your knowledge!

It’s the most important thing in League of Legends. You can master mechanics of the champion in one weekend but without the knowledge of what to do after the laning phase, how to win the games fast, how to play while you’re behind etc. you’re not going to reach higher divisions.

Read the guides, watch videos and streams or start doing things you wouldn’t normally do like one-on-one Coaching 👈 with Challenger Coach.


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