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Hey there! If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you’re probably looking to get better at new FIFA 21! Look no further, as our team made of Pro FIFA players has already played dozens of games in closed BETA, so let’s say that we are one step ahead of the rest 😉 . Our FIFA 21 coaching service is one-on-one lessons with the sole purpose of helping you get better in this game. Scroll down or click here for more info about: How it works | Our Team | FAQ

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Meet our Team

FIFA 21 Coaching - SeVen


Hi guys 👋 My name is Bartosz “seVen” Majewski and I have been playing FIFA since 2013. Throughout that time, I have worked for two football clubs as a Pro FIFA player. I have been also involved in commentating e-sport tournaments and coaching some Pro players. Since then, I have been 100% focused on FIFA Coaching. I just love teaching people, especially in the new FIFA.
  • TOP 4 Polish domestic league “Ekstraklasa Games” and TOP 4 in Polish Academic Championships 🏆
  • Multiple Elite 1 in FUT Champions (FIFA 20) and Ranked 13th in Poland at FIFA.GG 🇵🇱 
  • Former Piast Gliwice Esports FIFA player, currently playing for Lechia Gdańsk/Raging Lions


Hey mate, my name is Maks Zalewskyy and I’m an 18 year old Pro FIFA player. I’ve been playing FIFA for over 3 years and my adventure started with FIFA 18. After a few successful seasons on a competitive level, I decided to start sharing my knowledge with other people in the role of the coach and now I’m 100% focused on Coaching FIFA 21.
  • Currently, Elite1/TOP100 rank in Fut Champions 🏆
  • TOP16 of Polish Championship “Ekstraklasa Games” and TOP5 qualifiers for Polish National team in FIFA 20  🇵🇱
  • Pro Player for FIFA19 – Illuminar Gaming and FIFA20 –

How does FIFA 21 Coaching work?

Fifa 21 Coaching by Replay Analysis

Coaching by Gameplay Analysis

For all platforms!

Gameplay analysis is a good way of pinpointing and helping you to understand your mistakes one by one. The coach will analyze everything from your play style to decision making to attacking/defensive skills in clutch moments, and then provide you with tips to help you improve your gameplay.

This is how you get started:

  1. Buy coaching and schedule your first lesson with the coach via Discord app.
  2. Record your gameplay and upload it on YouTube. Here is a guide for PC players – LINK. | PS4 and Xbox players should know how to do it, right?
  3. Start scheduled lesson at the Discord program that will allow the coach to call you and  share his screen to analyze the game with you.

Face the coach in 1v1

ATM only for PS4 – Stay Tuned!

Match 1v1 is the best way to observe the student’s habits and plays in practice. It allows the coach to see the game from the opponent perspective where he can find out all your weaknesses and problems that are blocking your improvement.

During this session, the coach is more like your friend than the opponent. He has to beat you, but it’s only to find out mistakes, and pick up details that he will discuss with you after the game to make sure you enter your next match, knowing what you have to improve on. Of course with KNOW HOW!

This is how you get started:

  1. Buy coaching and schedule your first lesson with the coach via Discord app.
  2. Add coach in the game.
  3. Start scheduled lesson and play few matches against the coach.
  4. After that, meet the coach again on Discord and prepare for a intensive talk.
FIFA 21 Coaching - 1v1 with the Coach


💡 I booked my coaching. What happens next?

After purchasing the pack, you will be redirected to the form where you will submit your contact details which will be used by the Coach to contact you and schedule your first FIFA 21 Coaching!

💡 Do I need any specific hardware or software for the coaching?

You need a Discord account and a microphone to talk to your coach. Any smartphone will do for that matter even though we would recommend using a PC or laptop in order to ensure better quality of gameplay analysis via screen sharing.

💡 How many hours do I need to book to get better?

It’s our goal to make you better within the first hour of your coaching. More hours result in a more extensive and precise training plan. We recommend to book five hours for improvements in all areas of your game. If you want to check if coaching works for you in general we advise you to book 1-3h first.

💡 What platforms are you coaching on?

We are coaching FIFA 21 on every platform – PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo.

💡 Can I split my coaching hours into few lessons?

Of course! We highly suggest that, so you can implement new knowledge before the next lesson.

💡 How can I contact FIFA 21 Coach?

Via Live chat, Facebook or Discord after purchasing Coaching.

💡 What language do you coach FIFA 21?

At this moment we are Coaching in English and Polish.

Customer Feedback

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