My story

Hey, my name is Piotr “Musialinio” Musiał and I am the founder of L2P-League. I never expected this website to grow to the current size, so I would like to share the story of it’s foundation and principles.

I started playing League of Legends in season 3, achieving Challenger by season 5. At that time I’ve dreamt of becoming a Pro. I gave up after a year, realising that 80+ hours of League a week necessary for me to compete at the highest level was not my preferred lifestyle. I still loved League of Legends though, going for the highest ranks for fun.

In 2016 I thought of sharing my knowledge, so I started by creating simple educational infographics for my polish Facebook page, “Coaching by Musialinio“. The progression from there was natural, as I felt it’s incredibly satisfying to share my experience with others. Educational Livestreams first, then a youtube channel, then personal coaching. Seeing my students become better players made me feel accomplished, so I kept on doing it.

L2P-League’s Beginnings

Hundreds of hours of coaching, thousands of hours of gameplay. My experience and ability to convey a huge amount of information into a short, condensed coaching session rose. I felt like I should try coaching in english, as I was only coaching in my native language back then. I asked my friend Raul – a Software Engineering student at the time – for help, as I wanted to create a League of Legends coaching website that would cater to the players worldwide, not just Poland. That’s how the first iteration of L2P-League came to be, without Raul it would not be possible.

Back then I didn’t yet realise L2P-League will ever provide coaching for any other games.

L2P-League and other games

While Raul helped me create the website, Kuba helped me develop it. I met him due to luck when trying to improve my website’s position on the search engines. He turned out to be a SEO specialist, a League of Legends fan and a great friend. We worked on the website itself and on creating League of Legends content.

At that time Riot Games announced their new game – Teamfight Tactics. The game turned out to be extremely successful, and both Kuba and I loved it ourselves, so it was only natural that when he suggested we add a TFT Coaching section to our website, I agreed.

I knew I cannot coach every game by myself, and League of Legends was still a priority for me. I needed someone to help me, someone with coaching experience and a similar mindset to take TFT Coaching under his wings.

Our recruitment principles

The idea behind our recruitment process was easy – to hire patiently and prioritize quality over quantity. I seeked long-term relations with the best coaches available, professional and passionate, not just any highly ranked player.

I cared about two things – the highest rank and the mindset. I planned to spend dozens of hours of my own spare time to share my own coaching knowledge and experience with that person, while also verifying his abilities and techniques. Why? That was the only way I could make sure the coach is worth recommending.

L2P is about people

It’s been a while since we recruited our first coach, and our website expanded to Teamfight Tactics, ValorantLegends of Runettera, COD Warzone and FIFA 21 . Each of those games are being supervised by no more than two experts, responsible for coaching and creating blog articles and youtube videos for L2P-League.

Today, L2P-League is not just me and LoL Coaching. L2P is people that create it.

Coaches, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Translators, SEO specialists… All driven by passion and a single goal 🙂